At Conversational Spanish Center our goal is to help students achieve Spanish fluency. We use a proven method that is by far one of the fastest and most enjoyable around. Classes are conducted only in Spanish in order to simulate an immersion-type of environment. The language class program consists of three levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. These levels are then subdivided based on students’ specific language needs. Conversational Spanish Center administers a brief appraisal before students begin classes to ensure correct level placement.



Level 1 – Beginners
This course provides students with a general understanding of basic Spanish. Students learn basic grammar and vocabulary that enables them to reinforce and increase their conversational Spanish skills.


Teaching Approach
The course addresses the needs of those students who are new to the language. Our teaching approach is patterned after the acquired learning pattern that infants follow: photos/images combined with repetition. Our learning by association approach is designed to allow students to progress rapidly and to master the most basic Spanish language expressions and grammatical structures. Different teaching materials are used according to the specific needs of students, including:

  • Pictures
  • Workbook
  • CDs and Scripts
  • Games



Level 2 – Intermediate
This course is intended for students with a basic knowledge of Spanish and a working knowledge of at least fifty percent of the contents of the beginners’ level. Students build upon the foundation that was established in previous language training, and they also learn new concepts that enhance Spanish language fluency.


Teaching Approach
At the Intermediate level, we use a textbook approach to reinforce and build upon students’ Spanish language skills. The textbook that we use is divided into six self-contained sections. As the various sections of the book do not have to be presented sequentially, we can further customize the students’ learning experience by selecting those sections that are most relevant. In addition to the textbook, Conversational Spanish Center also uses compact disks (CD’s), workbooks and situation cards to further strengthen the students’ fluency and comprehension.



Level 3 – Advanced
This course is intended for students with a working knowledge of at least eighty percent of the contents of the intermediate level. The grammar exercises and conversation are more complex and elevated, stressing fluency and cultural context.


Teaching Approach
In this level we seek to achieve full student participation by means of informative, interpretive, and specific readings. There is more student-teacher collaboration in terms of class context. In addition to the textbooks (Business and Grammar), we also converse on current events both domestic and abroad in order to further stress conversational fluency.

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